Meet your host

"Hi, I am Melinda, your host, guide, custom travel planner and fellow travel experience lover.  My 'Job' is not a is my passion, it is what I do, and if I may say so, I do it very well!  My 'office' is unconventional, but inspiring and always beautiful - and I will never tire from that...too many exciting new adventures, too many places still to discover, too many new people to meet and not enough days to show off my amazing country.

I was born and raised in South Africa, educated in the Western Cape, was married and my children were born in the Western Cape.  Our family relocated internationally for 18 years, with regular trips back to, where else, but the Fairest Cape and some of the unique game and safari reserves if South Africa!  I breathe, live and love South Africa, its breathtaking beauty, its friendly and diverse people, its captivating mercurial scenery, its majestic mountains, its gastronomic delights and award winning wineries and its myriad of experiences on offer.

Back in Cape Town for a few years now after almost two decades of living and extensive travel abroad, I experience life in Cape Town and South Africa both as a tourist and a local, I have 'insider information' - a great and valuable understanding of what tourists and visitors would like, and what obstacles they may experience planning a trip to South Africa.

I am a registered tourist guide and a seasoned bespoke travel planner and destination manager with a SA specialist designation, and I would love to share my local knowledge and experiences to design a custom travel plan for you and your group.  My greatest joy is providing privately guided day tours for visitors - the best way for you to experience what the Western Cape and Southern Africa offers.  My jokes are sometimes corny, but if I can remember them, you will too!  My historical facts are true and a mirror of the colourful, sometimes controversial country that is the Rainbow Nation - my beloved birth country.  My intimate knowledge of and travels through the rest of South Africa, together with my contacts, allows me to assist with or plan further travel into South Africa i.e. safaris in private game reserves, and self-drive holidays. This includes travel to Zimbabwe, Kenya, Botswana and Namibia. 

I look forward to sharing my beautiful surroundings and unique experiences with you.  My aim is to provide an unforgettable experience that will make you want to come back for another visit.  Once South Africa is in your heart, she leaves a little piece there that will make you want to return.

See you soon in beautiful South Africa!

Warmest Regards,